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Employee Scheduling Software

Create your company schedule online,- for free

Online employee scheduling cloud software. Manage your employees and create schedules.

shift-planner-online.com rota software saves you so much time planning your staff.

shift-planner-online.com provides a super-intuitive and an exceptionally user-friendly shiftplanning interface and platform.
We provide a super-intuitive and an exceptionally user-friendly shiftplanning interface and platform.

Employee schedule

Whether you have 20 workers or 100, we have the features you need to communicate with your staff, create and share an employee schedule, and get an overview of your business

Manage your employee schedule from wherever your are

Our online employee scheduling software has all the features you need to run your business more efficiently

Resource scheduling software

The simple way to schedule people, equipment and other resources.
Get your resource bookings under control with fast, simple software. Spend less time juggling your resources in an error-prone spreadsheet and more time on your business. Save time, save money. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Full team visibility on one clever calendar See what everyone's allocated to. Projects, clients, meetings - all in one tool. Zoom in and out. Plus, the unique "availability bar" helps you maximize utilization.

Easy Scheduling - Plan your Shifts

Simply create shifts for your weekly schedule.
Schedule Employees: Drag & drop names of staff members into the schedule, or publish the weekly schedule and let your employees apply for the available shifts.
Employee- Access: Your staff has their own restricted access to your shift-planner-online.com schedules. You control in your settings what employees can and can't see.
Publish your weekly Schedule: Want to involve staff members in making a schedule? Simply create the shifts that need to be covered and then publish the schedule.
Assign Staff Members: If you have several staff members applying for the same shifts, you can assign the shifts to the employees you want. To help you decide, you can also see how many hours each of your employees have already worked.

shiftplanning online - launching at March 2017

Start creating your employee schedule online with shift-planner-online.com, its free of chart and cloud based online/freewar software.